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The newest Queen-mother together with got official commitments

The newest Queen-mother together with got official commitments

She’s got her very own independent courtroom in her own castle where she is actually helped by feminine counselors and you may functionaries. She hears all the judicial circumstances involving the sacred oaths of the state and has independent legislation over-all domestic things affecting feminine and people in the new regal loved ones. Every so often, men litigants you’ll apply to has their civil times directed regarding king’s legal to the king mother’s legal. If the she welcomes him or her, then their view try final.

As the Queen mother, the woman is accountable for feminine governance, and you may introduced feminine with her so you’re able to, for instance, clean the community. She did essential rituals to your community and you can is actually establish while in the extremely important ceremonies including funerals. It actually was the fresh new Queen-mother whom performed all initiation rites; and all of young women needed to be brought to brand new queen mom once they become menstruating. Unlike many women, new Queen mother partnered has actually right to features circumstances which have guys throughout the empire.

The fresh new Iyalode, for instance the male chiefs off Yorubaland, is actually a leader inside her correct. She had her own unique insignia from office and this contains an effective necklace from unique beads, greater brimmed straw hats, and you may a good shawl. Brand new Iyalode had her very own individual servants, unique drummers, and you can bell ringers to name the ladies of one’s empire so you can appeal.

The fresh new Iyalode identity is actually all-embracing. She was given legislation over all female. She was given the brand new title Eiyelobinrin, “mother of all of the women.” The fresh new Iyadole are this new selected member of all the women. Continue reading

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