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A while after the happy couple announced they had come relationship as February

A while after the happy couple announced they had come relationship as February

Soon after their split, Jaden posted a song named “Starry Room” on his YouTube channel; the lyrics of the song stated how hurt he was after the end of his relationship with Stella: ‘And I feel helpless if that’s true / Because you know that I’m really so very lonely / When your gone, and we were chillin’ until we / Broke Up’, Jaden raps over a piano version of the “Marvin’s Room” main theme.

Jaden suffered from depression until the beginning of 2013, as the separation hurt him a lot; some of his fans are sure the guy shed his virginity which have Stella (the lyrics of his first album have a lot about his first sexual experience), so their break up caused a lot of pain for Jaden, as he couldn’t let her go for some time.

She has recently tried herself as a Twitch streamer, playing Fortnite, but turned out to lack gaming skills to attract a wide audience to her streams.

Sofia is the youngest girl of Diane Alexander and you will Lionel Richie, and also a keen adoptive brother so you can Nicole Richie, a famous Movie industry actress and you may developer. Jaden been relationships Michael Jackson’s god-girl close to the time off their basic modeling profits – Sofia is appeared within the Teen Vogue into the , whenever she was just 14 years old, while the after the 12 months finalized a contract with Mary Sophistication Move.

Stella are allowed to be many off MSFTS, however, fell out of it to stay away from Jaden, to eliminate people threat of some other build-with your once again, to not recite the storyline of the on again off again dating

Sofia has been friends which have Willow Smith, Jaden’s sister, so they probably knew each other for some time, but nevertheless, their affair lasted for only three months. Continue reading

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